Utilizing social media is an essential strategy for businesses of all sizes. Many digital marketing examples revolve around social media as the primary means of engaging with prospective and current customers. The reason is simple: That’s where the customers are already communicating.

This article delves into how three big businesses are utilizing social media. Learn about their strategies, and how they use digital channels to provide the most value for consumers. It comes down to a simple principle: Businesses that keep up with the times survive. Those that do not stay current exit the consumer’s social conversation, and therefore, inevitably die.


Uber is infamous for swooping into, and ultimately disrupting the taxi industry through its expert use of digital marketing. The reason why Uber could do this was in its ability to communicate with consumers in the space where communication was already happening.

Because the taxi cab industry wasn’t engaging in its customers’ digital conversation, Uber took over. Needless to say – social media is integral to Uber’s digital marketing strategy. And so, the company capitalizes on digital engagement to, both, increase ridership, and increase the number of drivers on the road.


Uber employs Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as it’s main digital marketing channels. Facebook and Twitter allow users to post positive and negative feedback, allowing Uber to be in direct contact with its customers. Instagram is where Uber unveils new features, and offers exclusive deals and discounts.

In 2016, Uber unveiled a new complement rating system for giving positive feedback on your ride. Feedback about positive user experiences provides Uber with valuable information on the most marketable aspects of their service. Using this information, Uber put together a Youtube campaign to highlight extraordinary Uber experiences.

Uber uses its social media and digital marketing channels to propagate positive, inclusive messaging across the internet. The companies messaging focuses on inclusion, connectivity, and social awareness. By connecting its messaging to issues in society, customers feel a greater sense of connectivity to their world by using Uber.




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