Relationship Between Brand Equity and Marketing 

Do you know the recognized brand’s cost of marketing is lower than its competitors?

In marketing, high brand equity has many competitive advantages like higher revenue and less expensive marketing campaigns.

The process of marketing becomes easy. The brand can launch a new product line as it already has a large customer base and does not need to create awareness among the customers every time.

Importance of Brand Equity

Your company needs increased market share and valuation, which will be gained by brand equity. The following are the reasons why your company needs brand equity.

  1. It serves as an intangible asset that can easily convert into cash in times of need, or it can be leased or licensed for the profit of the company.
  2. Positive brand equity helps the company to generate more revenue by charging more money than other companies.
  3. It helps increase the share of the company’s market as consumers become loyal to the particular brand, and the company gets a large consumer base.
  4. The cost of marketing and launching new products gets reduced as the brand is already famous.
  5. The products and services get improved and more relevant as the experience of stakeholders increases with the brand.

In brief, brand equity endures vital importance for a business. This is because it not only enhances the market share of the business; it also expands its estimate within the market place.


I would like to conclude by saying that the management of your brand in a company needs brand equity as it creates brand loyalty and adds value to it in the market.

The growth and success of the company are directly related to it. You need to manage your brand efficiently to prevent it from brand decay.

It is a strategy used to differentiate your products from competitors and other brands, and it creates competitive barriers that provide you with a meaningful competitive advantage in your industry.

Brand equity is casting in the long term, which needs detailed strategy and marketing investments designed precisely. It is a reliable and valuable asset.

You need to put marketing efforts, and the managers need to find out the plan to manage the brand to create its highest value in the market.

You need to make investments in the advertisement, sell brands to retailers with reputation, reduce the use of paid promotions, and intensify the process of distribution in the market to make your brand more powerful.



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